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PORTUGAL - Portugal picks winner for the Youth Video Award!

Portugal picks winner for the Youth Video Award!



For the Youth Video Award in Portugal, AMCV launched a website to inform potential participants of the goals of the Award and how    to submit their videos. AMCV received 9 different videos and the ceremony where the winner was presented, was held on December 19th 2016. The jury consisted of 5 people: Alexandra Silvia (PpDM), Margarida Medina Martins (AMCV), Sílvia Vermelho João Barba (Duvideo) and finally, Ana Paula Almeida (writer and journalist. The jury awarded the 3 best videos and chose the winning video. The winning video is named “Atitude em Movimento” (Attitude in Motion), made by Joana do Mar Ferreira Machado. The video can be watched here.





"Attitude" is what our society needs to make a difference. "She" (Attitude) is 8 years old and already knows that, yes, attitude is missing. She wants to pass the message on. She wants to transmit her mother's feelings (and hers too), through movements and sensations so that the heart doesn't have to compensate and the breath to complement. "Attitude" can swing freely. The swing means personal freedom. Many victims do not ask for help because they don't know who they can trust. Attitude's mother asked for help at a neighbour's shop but the message was shared with the rapist. She was prohibited to leave the house. "Attitude" wants to change constructive crititicism into visible actions and end violence against women. She wants her mom back on the swing and she wants to push her again. She wants her mother to be with her at all times. "Attitude" needs your help, your attitude!



The voting for the overall winner of the Youth Video Award will start today, the 16th of January.