Campaign on the rights of woman survivors of violence and their children to access support and protection 

Open Letter to Romanian Government for Strengthened Accountability

The WAVE Step Up! Campaign supports the open letter which Romanian organizations Network for Preventing and Combating Violence against Women, the Coalition for Gender Equality and the Network Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence directed to the Romanian government. This letter requests for the Romanian government to be held accountable for their commitments and decisions, and in particular makes a public call for the urgent adoption of strategic initiatives on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence - in the context of harmonizing national legislation with the provisions of the Istanbul Convention which was ratified by Romania this year. WAVE has since sent a follow-up letter, congratulating the Romanian government for intending to set up a national funding programme in the area of eliminating violence against women.

Step Up! Meetings with NGO Networks and Government Officials

ProcaThere have been several face to face meetings between Romanian NGO networks and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Initially the message of the government was openness to funding NGO-run services, not only services run by authorities which used to be the focus in the past. The NGOs requested the program to include a wide range of services for victims, from counselling services to crisis centers and housing facilities after exiting shelters. The concept of violence against women, and what this term means, was also unpacked, in addition to an important conversation about funding for specialist services, since funding is typically provided for services for perpetrators and crisis centers for victims, not other types of services.

Press Release for the Campaign Launch in Romania

On 25 May 2016, with the support of UN Women Orange Day, Asociatia ANAIS and WAVE Member A.L.E.G disseminated a national press release raising awareness about the Step Up! Campaign, and also published the press release on social media, through their Facebook profile and on their website.


The national campaigning women’s organization in Romania is WAVE Member Asociatia ANAIS, led by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as well as A.L.E.G - Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender led by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Romanian Secretary of State Supportive of Step Up! Campaign!

StateSecretaryIn response to WAVE's letter addressed to the Romanian government regarding the National Interest Program in the Area of Violence against Women, the WAVE Network received a letter from the Secretary of State, Andra Cristina Croitoru, on 5 September 2016, stating that the Romanian government believes the Step Up! Campaign "represents an essential step for awareness at the highest level and for ensuring an active intervention and indispensable cohesion to the governments of the European coutnries regarding the need to fnance and develop social services to support victims of domestic violence and victims of sexual violence."

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