2nd generation of WAVE Youth Ambassadors announced

WAVE Network, Vienna-based European network of women’s NGOs working in the field of combating violence against women and children, has announced the 2nd Generation Youth Ambassadors today. They are:

Çeçilia Gazulli
Hannah Svoboda
Zehra Šarić
Mia Bradić
Myrto Karydi
Krisztina Les
Ginevra Candidi
Alina Cebotari
Zvezdana Radulović
Adriana S.Thiago
Alexandra Muntean
Teodora Stojilković
Viktoriia Shvaher
Sabiha Azad

We received almost 200 applications and it makes us truly happy to see how many young people not only across Europe but across the globe are dedicated to fighting violence against women and girls.

Step Up! Campaign coordinators thank everyone who participated and congratulate the WAVE Youth Ambassadors!