Campaigning for the right of women survivors of violence and their children to access support and protection.

Who we are

We are a European-wide campaign of the WAVE Network, aiming at increasing efforts to stop violence against women, raising awareness of the issue, mobilizing widely for the rights of women and children to live a life free from violence, and protecting women survivors of violence.

What we believe

Public pressure will create change.

People are stronger together. We need to mobilize, organize and build communities capable of standing together and demanding change.

Knowledge and education are powerful. Free access to information is essential for driving change.

In Europe, the Istanbul Convention is the most powerful legal tool in our hands; its implementation is a crucial step towards ending violence against women.



We are looking for the 2nd generation of WAVE Youth Ambassadors. Since October 2018, the WAVE Youth Ambassadors support the Step Up! Campaign in mobilizing and encouraging young people to raise awareness of the human […]

Campaign coordinators in 2020

We are proudly announcing national campaign coordinators in 2020: Albania: Woman to Woman Austria: Frauenhaus Tirol Bosnia and Herzegovina: Fondacija Udružene žene Banja Luka Bulgaria: Association Naia Croatia: B.a.B.e. Cyprus: Association for prevention and handling […]

CALL: SUC 2020 national coordinators

CALL FOR WAVE MEMBER APPLICATIONS CALL: STEP UP! CAMPAIGN 2020 National Coordinators   Since its launch in May 2016, the WAVE Step Up! Campaign has been keeping growing stronger. In 2020, we want to reach […]

SHERO – an art exhibition in Brussels

SHERO: ART AS A TOOL TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN Within the framework of the 16 Days Of Activism, WAVE Network and Amazone Centre asbl opened the SHERO exhibition in Brussels on Tuesday this week. […]