Campaigner’s Profile: Albania

Gruaja Tek Gruaja / Woman to Woman

Gruaja Tek Gruaja aims to reduce domestic violence, protect women and girls victims of domestic violence under the provision of psycho-social support. 

  • Psychological assistance to women and girls victims of domestic violence
  • Legal advice and legal representation
  • 48-hour emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence
  • Psychological counseling for violent boys and men (Office for Boys and Men / ZDB)


Zyra për Djem dhe Burra

Zyra për Djem dhe Burra help boys and men who, through words or deeds, harm their family and relatives, to stop violent behavior.

We offer:

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVICE: The psychological counseling service for men is an intervention program, which aims to stop the acts of violence that the follower of this program commits against his partner or family members.
  • TRAINING: Occasional trainings are held on issues of domestic violence or gender-based violence. Trainings are held for pupils and students, or even for other persons who wish to have more detailed information on how to conbat gender-based violence.
  • CONSULTING: Consulting for young professionals in the field of domestic violence. Supervision and mentoring for professionals and organizations that want to commit to ending gender-based violence.