International Women’s Day 2021: WAVE YAs

On International Women’s Day, 8 March, several of our WAVE Youth Ambassadors have come together to share with us why they are particularly determined to fight for women’s rights and gender equality. They give us a short glimpse into what made them become feminists and women’s rights advicates, and put a strong emphasis on the need to include and empower all women, as “there is room for all of us to rise”, as Çeçilia, WAVE Youth Ambassador from Albania, passionately says.

Mia Bradić, WAVE Youth Ambassador from Croatia

Mia is not only an activist, she is also a circus artist who believes that art can be an amazing tool in improving women’s rights. This is why she created a project called “Leave a mark” and aims to #leaveamark on this world by supporting women’s rights.


Hannah Svoboda, WAVE Youth Ambassador from Austria

Hannah has been politically active for several years now. What made her become an activist was her interest in feminism and anti-sexism. Her aim is to empower young women and give them the tools to understand as well as fight sexism and patriarchal structures.


Myrtó Karydi, WAVE Youth Ambassador from Greece

Myrtó said she joined WAVE, because she is a feminist and a women’s rights advocate, and wanted to join a network of like-minded women who are fighting for a better tomorrow. She says that we should cherish and celebrate how many women are joining the fight for their rights without forgetting that there is still a lot of work to be done.


Adriana S. Thiago, WAVE Youth Ambassador from Portugal

Adriana is calling all sisters around the globe and particularly in Europe to pay more attention to the needs and rights of migrant women, so that all women are being effectively and adequately supported, and put at the forefront.


Alexandra Muntean, WAVE Youth Ambassdor from Romania

Alexandra recognised early on that gender equality is unfortunately not a given; however, this prompted her even more so to fight for women’s rights as well as the recognition and elimination of femicides. She also aims to give a voice to young migrant women and empower them.


Sabiha Azad, WAVE Youth Ambassador from Wales

Seeing that women are treated as if they were inferior has made Sabiha become an activist and being particularly determined to support the WAVE Network and WAVE Step Up! Campaign in advocating for the ratification and implementation of the Istanbul Convention to protect women against gender-based violence.


Çeçilia Gàzulli, WAVE Youth Ambassador from Albania

Çeçilia raises her voice to not only highlight that women are deserving of spaces in all levels of society, but she particularly emphasises that there is room for ALL women to rise. We are stronger together and should thus support, empower and embrace each other.