Youth Ambassadors

Who we are

The WAVE Youth Ambassador initiative aims to provide a space to youth activists across Europe to encourage as well as promote youth engagement, youth participation and youth inclusion within the context of preventing violence against women and girls since 2018. The ambassadors are a conscious and critical peer group highlighting the importance of youth engagement, participation and activism not only in Europe, but all over the world. The WAVE Youth Ambassadors programme does not only promote collaboration amongst young activists and youth from both EU as well as non EU countries, it also aims to encourage intergenerational collaboration to further strengthen feminist movements in the fight against violence against women and girls.

What we want

We want to discuss situations in our respective countries, shed light on marginalized communities and give a voice to young people. We want to use this platform to network as well as share and exchange our views and ideas on feminism, women’s rights, gender equality and the importance to fight gender-based violence. We are transparent and open-minded. We don’t hold back. We won’t hold back. Together, we can pull on the same string and aim to develop solutions to create a world free of violence; for us, for future generations, for everyone.

What we do

Within the framework of the WAVE Step Up! Campaign, the ambassadors contribute to its strategic development and practical implementation. The aim is to raise awareness on the importance of youth inclusion in promoting non-violence. During online group meetings, ambassadors intend to develop activities and actions to spread effective and targeted messages among young people. Through peer as well as individual work, ambassadors plan to create engaging content, contributions and social media material to tackle serious issues and put the focus on the need to proactively oppose gender inequality as well as gender-based violence.


WAVE Youth Ambassadors 2018-2020 are:

Mirta Bašelović, Croatia
Anita Pavić, Croatia (currently in Manchester, UK)
Nikita Lumijoe, Estonia
Elmar Khalilov, Georgia
Antonella Crichigno, Italy (currently in Brussels, Belgium)
Elda Brada, Kosovo
Stefan Petrovski, Macedonia
Filipa Morais Canelas Ribeiro, Portugal
Dejana Stošić, Serbia
Maider Carrete Garcia, Spain
Alba Biosca Alonso, Spain

WAVE Youth Ambassadors 2020-2022 are:

Çeçilia Gazulli, Albania
Hannah Svoboda, Austria
Zehra Šarić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mia Bradić, Croatia
Myrto Karydi, Greece
Krisztina Les, Hungary
Ginevra Candidi, Italy
Alina Cebotari, Moldova
Zvezdana Radulović, Montenegro
Adriana S.Thiago, Portugal
Alexandra Muntean, Romania
Teodora Stojilković, Serbia
Viktoriia Shvaher, Ukraine
Sabiha Azad, Wales (UK)


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the Youth Ambassadors are those of the Youth Ambassadors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or opinion / position of Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE).